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We are a corporation of artist dedicated to the purity of the craft. Started as an independent comic book company in 2008 and recently expanded to included gallery and pin up art, our artistic expertise are available for commission.

The work stations at Exclaim Studio are always dedicated to producing the best quality of art.




Our artist clients trust us to represent their creative interest and bring them directly to the audience they captivate! Exclaim Studio, Inc. invest time and effort into cultivating talent. We believe in showcasing the unique views of creativity, and telling the stories that represent the modern era.

deadgirl legion b/w.jpg

Kischer Manning

An inspiring new artist with adult themes, see her catalogue here at Exclaim!

no salvation without suffering

Exclaim Contract


Our commissioned works are all signed under contracts and guaranteed service to meet the specified deadline.

If you'd like to be a freelance artist under the Exclaim Studio family, we offer 60% of commission work that we provide, and up to 15% royalty for recurring designs you provide for our apparel.

Exclaim Studio, Inc. also pays out right for the use of original characters, with artist retaining their ownership. We encourage artist to keep control of their creator own characters and titles and only seek to promote them to our audience.

Exclaim! mission


We aim to bring you art that excites you!

Deadgirl follows an emotionally troubled teen who commits suicide to escape the pain only to discover the netherworld. She is approached by the Grim Reaper and offered a job as a soul collector. Mary discovers the joy in death she couldn't find in life as well as coming into her own new found powers that changes her body in uncomfortable ways not unlike puberty.

the view from here

Darrius Caldwell


A talented colorist who completes the visuals of the worlds we create

cherry green.jpg

Dark Jones


A long time creator of comics with an extensive catalogue of titles of all genres.

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